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I have been doing this since 1991! And in Refurbished Copiers it is all about the details, and I am obsessed with them. Why? Because I would rather do things right rather than right now. It takes much more than just cleaning the optics, rejuvenating the feed tires and wiping it down with Windex to call it refurbished. We will always provide a refurbished equipment sheet. This will list all major sections of the copier and report that all parts where checked and a list of the ones replaced. COST OF OWNERSHIP This is the magic number.

The best way to get to the closest estimate of your true cost over several years is to make sure you evaluate the exact requirements you need to accomplish your goal. Then purchase a copier newer or older depending on the job that will provide you with the most cost effective way to do it. With the least commitment and buy out possible at the end. Projects and business goals usually go for 12 to 36 month cycles. That is why the most common lease terms are 24 to 60 month with a fair market value buy out at the end.

This always traps you to be buying that equipment well past the project cycle and at the end you have an option to ship the equipment back to one of hundreds of warehouses located anywhere, or buy it out for a so called fair market value. Either decision you paid for 2 or 3 project cycles instead of 1 and you still have a cost to ship or a cost to buy out.

By purchasing a refurbished copier at fair market value up front instead of at the end of a lease is much more cost effective. If you purchased a $2500 copier for three project cycles your cost is $7500 and you get an updated newer copier every 2 to 3 years this almost covers a decade. Compare that to a 60 month lease. In just 18 to 24 months worth of payments (21months x $359 per month = $7539.00) you could have paid for a decade of project cycles and received 3 updated copiers along the way. But with the 60 month lease you still have 39 monthly payments left. That equals $14001.00 you still have the same machine and at the end, you will still have to pay $1000 to $3000 for shipping or buyout.

Remember project cycles are important because the requirements to do the first project cycle will probably be different for the second and third. But with leasing you are stuck with the same machine that was purchased for the first project cycle. And after a couple of years the office has new carpet and furniture with some remodeling and that same old yellowed copier we have seen around here for ever. To exchange your equipment out on cycles makes the most sense.

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